Law Enforcement - LE Only

LPVO Patrol Rifle - (Low Powered Variable Optic) Helena, Montana / June 25-26, 2024

 LPVO Patrol Rifle

**Law Enforcement Only **

June 25-26, 2024

** This is a POST credit hours Certified 16 hour course **

** If you are registering a person other that yourself, please insert a note providing the students name. 


Helena PD Range:
3333 Bozeman Ave Bldg 1, Helena, MT 59601 

That is the address for COPART. Pass COPART and follow the road through the "S" turn and the range will be on the LEFT on airport ground.  Wait at the gate for entry. 

This class is going to aspects of carbine / AR platform deployment and operation equipped with a low powered variable optic (LPVO)
This is a course that will improve upon current carbine skill levels, vastly improve upon economy of movement, deployment and operator efficiency.

This is not a caliber specific course. Any caliber used in Law Enforcement deployment is acceptable.

STRONGLY suggested you have a basic zero on your rifle prior to arrival.  You need to be able to hit am 8.5x11 sheet of paper when we start.

If you do not currently have a LPVO, but want to gain the knowledge, you can attend the class with an RDS equipped optic or contact about a loaner for class.  We have optics in mounts to lend and complete packages as well. 


-     Safety

-     Equipment selection and considerations

-     Zeroing and off set considerations

-     Fundamentals / Diagnostics

-     Reloads:  Emergency and Administrative 

-     Clearing malfunctions

-     Transitions

-     Multiple threats / threat selection

-     Barricades

-     Distance and accuracy

-     Cruiser deployment

-     Working around vehicles

-     Movement while shooting

-     Unorthodox shooting positions


Required Kit:

  • Duty carbine + 4 magazines
  • Duty pistol + 2 magazines 
  • Carbine optic - Preferred to be a 1X low end (1-4X, 1-6X, 1-10X etc)
  • (A throw lever / magnification adjustment lever is recommended)
  • Rifle sling, must be able to allow rifle to hang.
  • Duty rig or concealment however you run at work.
  • Spare batteries for optics (if required)
  • Wrap around Eye Protection
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)
  • Baseball style hat
  • Range food / WATER
  • Seasonal weather gear / rain gear
  • Ability to retain 2 pistol, 1 rifle magazines on your body
  • 800 rounds of factory rifle ammunition
  • 200 rounds of factory pistol ammunition
  • Note taking material
  • Lens cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning kit / lubrication


Optional gear / kit:

  • Mounted Carbine white light
  • Bipod
  • Offset RDS
  • Offset iron sights
  • Mounted visible laser


Any questions please contact Victory First @ 

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