RDS Pistol for Law Enforcement - Operator Helena, MT

 **Law Enforcement Only **

 September 8 -9, 2022

***  This course is approved for MT POST and is approved by MLEA.  ***


Training venue:

Helena PD Range

3333 Bozeman Avenue

Helena, Montana 59601

(Down the gravel drive to the gate on left)

Learning Objectives:

Red Dot Handgun – Law Enforcement 2 day Program

This program covers the proper setup, deployment and maintenance of various pistol mounted RDS. We will specifically cover the use of RDS for Law Enforcement use. These topics consist of reduction in civil liability, increased accuracy, performance and  recruit / Officer retention.
We will cover the major manufacturers options for RDS and the Pros / Cons of the current options.

o Safety
o Equipment selection and considerations
o Mounting solutions / capabilities
o Zeroing
o Fundamentals
o Reloads
o Clearing malfunctions
o Multiple threats / threat selection
o Movement while shooting

Required Kit:
o Wrap around Eye Protection
o Ear protection (electronic preferred)
o Baseball style hat
o Duty belt / patrol pistol belt
o Range food / WATER
o Seasonal weather gear / rain gear
o Duty handgun, preferably 12 round capacity or higher
o Single stack .45’s are fine, just need to increase magazine count to 8 minimum
o 800 rounds of factory ammunition
o Cleaning kit / lubrication

If your agency does not have an RDS capable handgun or equipment, we can provide them for you. Email: and we will get you on the loaner list for the class.
** Holsters MUST be capable of holstering without use of the support hand. Old leather pancake style or inside the waistband holsters that do not retain their opening when the handgun is not holstered.

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