Fundamentals of Everyday Carry

This class is going to cover the fundamentals and dynamics of carrying a concealed handgun as a DAILY responsibility. All handgun presentations will come from a concealed holster. We will be training as you would be off duty, at 7-11, the grocery store or a restaurant.


  • Safety
  • Equipment selection and considerations
  • Methods of concealment
  • Carry positions and applicability
  • Off Body considerations
  • Fundamentals
  • Presentations from concealment
  • Reloads: Combat and Tactical
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Timed speed and accuracy “standards”
  • Stress inducing drills
  • Multiple threats / threat selection 

Required Kit:

  • Wrap around Eye Protection
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)
  • Baseball style hat
  • Seasonal weather gear / rain gear
  • STURDY pistol belt
  • Production Handgun, preferably 12 round capacity or higher
  • Concealment Holster - **SEE NOTES AT BOTTOM**
  • Double magazine carrier
  • 4 high capacity magazines MINIMUM
  • A cover garment- Button down shirt, sweatshirt, jacket. How do you carry concealed?
  • 800 rounds of factory ammunition
  • Cleaning kit / lubrication
** Holsters MUST be capable of holstering without use of the support hand. Old leather pancake style or inside the waistband holsters that do not retain their opening when the handgun is removed are NOT permitted.
** Shoulder rigs ARE NOT permitted **
** SERPA holsters ARE NOT permitted **
** Only US citizens can participate in training. You will be required to sign a credential and waiver of liability before participating in training.

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