Holstering a pistol equipped with a red dot sight is one of the hows that accompanies the whats and whys of carrying a handgun/red dot optic combo. Particularly if there is also a weapon light aboard. Some holsters were purpose-built to do so, others are a modification of a previous model with an RDS cut, some can be retrofitted. 

Recently we received some questions about this image, which was posted on social media sometime back. We'll use this as a way to kick off a recurring series on RDS pistol carry considerations.

⚠️ There are links in this post to online sources where you can purchase the gear I'm talking about. This is some of the gear I use, and why. Your mileage may vary. Buy it, or don't, but should you make a purchase, I'll get a (very) small commission from it.


1. What that rig and gun in the pictures?

It's a Glock 17 with an ATEi-mounted Aimpoint ACRO holstered in a Safariland rig. The picture was taken during an RDS Instructor course conducted for an LE agency.


Aimpoint ACRO on a Glock 17 in Safariland holster 


2. What is that pistol and optic?

It's a Glock 17. There is a Surefire X300U attached below, though you can't see it. The slide has been cut by a company called ATEi to accommodate a direct mount for an Aimpoint ACRO: this specific Aimpoint ACRO. It also has some Ameriglo sights (GL-429).


3. What is that holster, mount, and gunbelt? 

You're looking at a Safariland QMS 6384 RDS holster, which is modular (see below). That holster was an early option for using a handgun + ACRO with an ALS locking system. This was well before the availability of the updated holsters with hoods that are now in production. I gutted the "muzzle plug" on the holster so it would take a threaded barrel.

The belt is an Ares Gear combo LE inner and outer duty belt. This is the same company that makes the Aegis belt I typically wear everyday. 


4. Why carry a handheld light strong-side?

Not a light. That's an extra large Sharpie for marking targets and hand/finger placement. Also, of course, used for general target comedy and tomfoolery, like nicknames and such. 

5. Is that a modular holster attachment? If so why that instead of a dedicated platform? 
Yes. It's the Safariland QLS. I prefer to use the guns of the students I instruct.
Using a QLS on Safariland's holsters allows me to easily switch out weapons based on who/what I'm teaching. I can teach to a Glock agency one week, then quickly remove that Glock series holster and drop on a SIG P320 holster for the next course. 
Using the same weapon platform as the students makes explanations of hand / finger / thumb/ grip placement and light actuation easier if they see it on the same gun they are using.  
This wasn't asked specifically, but here's the icing on the cake:
That's a Velocity Systems BOSS Rugby shirt in Wolf Gray, Wrangler bluejeans, and Justin "Driller" waterproof boots. 
Now as long as you're here, get some swag
AR 15 morale patch: "Modern Day Coachgun"

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